Packing My Bags

September 14, 2011

Just a quick note to say that I have SO MUCH to say. More than I can possibly write at the moment, given that I need to pack, pack, pack for my flight on Friday morning to Dongguan, China, and the Renkang Hospital for two months of cancer treatment. Yes, the cancer has progressed. Yes, I am hopeful that the treatment in China (sono photodynamic therapy) will eradicate this disease once and for all.

And though my physical travels are still ahead, I have journeyed deep and far and wide these last months. I look forward to the time and space to be able to tell you about it.

For now, know that I am riding high on love. Know that I have felt a quiet and deep “Yes” from the moment I learned about this protocol. Know that it will break my heart to say goodbye to my children and husband at the airport. Know that I will be in good company, taking Sara along with me for the first 10 days and meeting extraordinary and courageous patients who are there now, and who’ve already become my friends. Know that I am following the call of my spirit, and really that’s all I can do.

I will see you next on the other side of the world.



  1. Love love love to you. And keep on writing. You are awesome. YES!

  2. Shira, please know that I am thinking of you and wish you much success in beating this!!! I am sending positive energy/vibes whatever you want to call it, your way!! From your former coworker Valerie Mathis.

  3. dear shira
    we send super love from ottawa… can picture your radiant smile and the cells of your body eagerly soaking up the healing you are heading for!!! looking forward to hearing about your journey and know you are held from around the world!!!!

    eileen and ed

  4. Sending all my love and blessings for safe travels and perfect healing. Your bravery and spirit are a gift to us all.

  5. make sure to be in touch with Chabad in China http://www.chabadchina.org/ ; I am sure they will help make your stay their feel more like home, spiritual home and physical as they are known to be very special host(esse)s/ bracha vehatzlacha, you must have some special sparks to raise across the globe, much love, you are in our prayers, looking forward to good news, love, Ruth

  6. Our family will be keeping you, and your loved ones at home, in our hearts. Safe journey.

    Kris Willcox, along with Scott, Audrey and Calvin.

  7. Safe travels and speedy recovery! –Matt Givney

  8. Shira dropping your IV in the toilet is no laughing matter. Kidding. I see how that could be funny. You go girl! Hope to read your next blog.

    Reading in Arlington!

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